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    Communication Services

    Today’s marketplace is changing at a rapid pace along with a complex mix of consumer products and services where mobile is the new TV, cloud is the new data centre and content is the new voice. Enterprises are continuously looking for information technology and strategies that can provide them a competitive edge over their competitors and retain their customer loyalty.

  • Education Tour Travel Management Aviation Communication Services HI-Tech Retail Healthcare Financial Services Utilities Automotive
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    infoitservices has been working with the Aviation Industry to provide web and app based resources and solutions to make working in this often complex industry easier. These have taken the shape of industry leading interactive training software to assist pilots passing their exams to ERP type solutions to ensure management and delivery of parts and supplies.

  • Education Tour Travel Management Aviation Communication Services HI-Tech Retail Healthcare Financial Services Utilities Automotive
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Web 2.0

We are passionate for each pixel, we love the clean & optimized code which produces a unique web design and innovative website.


Stop dreaming and start implementing ideas with us to create stunning applications and mobile experiences


With a steady increase in the number of people resorting to e-retailers, online shopping portals are on a rise.


We offer ready-to-use and customized loyalty benefits in collaboration with the products and services of the clients.



Our agile software development will empower you to learn, consolidate and alter to improve rapidly and productively

Big Data

We guarantee to give you the precise database solutions tailored for your organization objectives

Real time

We store and sync information to the users in real-time, enabling them to stay updated at all times.


We provide customized product solutions to scale and upgrade your existing system that too in-line with your specific requirements.


Awards and Accolades

We are proud of the success and recognition we have achieved through our hard work,
commitment and passion

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Affordable Web Design

Custom Web

Custom Web Design is the way to represents your business on the web. We research, plan and design custom websites which offer rich user experience.

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Responsive Web

We offer responsive design services and help you dominate smartphones, tablets, desktops and other mobile devices. Enjoy a great reach and greater impact.

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Employ the best ecommerce web designers. Avail the most affordable & best ecommerce packages that helps to sell more on your ecommerce website.

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Agile Deployment

Successful apps are more than just clean UI/ UX or code development. Our continuous app deployment cycle includes user acquisition, improving on your
app ideas and scaling them, effectively acting as your business-cum-technology partners

  • Strategies that Initialize

    Formulating winning strategies through research, creating wireframes to further add to our understanding of the implementation of the minutest details and an intuitive UI

  • Implementing Codes for Development

    Features, functionalities and performance of the app are a result of clean, optimized codes – a combination hardwired into our development approach

  • Deployment and Launch

    Continuous testing and automation ensures the launch of an app that is inspiring and engaging for the end user

Web Development firm

Affordable Web

It is very necessary to represent your business the way it really looks. A cost-effcetive website design helps businesses to truly represent themselves all over the world and reach out to customers all over the globe. We fully understand your business profile, background, domain and then work on an idea that can help you carve a niche in the industry.

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API or Application Programming Interface is basically a software to Software interface. We at INFO IT SERVICES excel in integration of Various APIs as per the requirements of our customers. Our API integration services help you to easily integrate data with third party applications as well as to APIs that can help you make use of data from a wide range of sources.

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Content Management System

Content management system enables businesses to create, edit, review, publish and manage content seamlessly. We offer a web based GUI that helps clients to access the CMS and take care of the entire content associated with their website or business. We also offer quality oriented Custom CMS Development services to meet the most suitable needs of our clients.

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Online Marketing Agency

Search Engine Optimization

There’s no use of having an online presence if you customers cannot find you. With our dedicated SEO services, you can always grab the spotlight.

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Online Advertising PPC

Enjoy the best ROI from your online ad investment. Our expert PPC personnel analyze, plan and execute add campaigns with promised results.

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Reputation Management

Recover from negative reviews & bad results. Enjoy reputation results within the stipulated time frame from our Reputation Management team.

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Why Hire Us?

High-end & affordable Solutions

FREE 365 days of technical support

More than 12 years of industry experience

Innovative designs with futuristic approach

Custom web design & development solutions



Renowned as a leading Custom Web Development Firm, INFO IT SERVICES employs the most talented designers, expert website programmers, conversion experts and project managers. Owing to our rich industry expertise, we ensure that our prestigious clients get the best and most affordable web solutions.

Enjoy free website consultation and professional guidance from our experts. We are here to help you whether you need any marketing assistance or expert advice. Our technical team is available round the clock to handle each of your queries and are available till they make sure that you got a the best solution for your query.

Better Search engine rankings with guaranteed immunity from Google algorithm updates. We develop websites that dominate search engines & attract the most potential traffic. Our team of certified Google adwords professionals & SEO experts makes sure that you get the desired rank on search engines and provide proper solutions for number one ranking.

User-friendly website design and conversion optimized. Our expertise lies in creating website design that generate more sales and leads without any extra cost. We make sure to render design keeping you and your targeted audience in mind.Get the most suitable web design solutions for your brand and business.

We have the best packages for everything, be it website redesign, custom development or responsive web design. We are also ready to go custom for your unique needs. Our array of web solutions enables us to serve the varying interest of our clients in the best possible manner without compromising with the quality.

Experienced web developers proficient with Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, and Magento. Being an Affordable web Solution Provider Agency, we offer guaranteed cost effective solutions at your doorstep. Our development team also offers custom web development solutions as per the needs of our clients.

Ecommerce Web design
& development

Custom eCommerce Solution

Our website designers build websites on open-source platforms like Magento, and Opencart. We have been successfully building websites for a varied domain industry with diverse requirements.

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Multi-Vendor Ecommerce

INFO IT SERVICES is built on open-source platforms like OpenCart and Magento and features multi-vendor facility. We, at INFO IT SERVICES build online web stores for varied industries & diverse requirements.

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Hosted Ecommerce System

INFO IT SERVICES provides ready to install and launch ecommerce solutions built on open source platforms. You simply need to choose the theme, upload product, and you are all set to go.

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Dropshipping Integration

Enjoy a seamless and automatic drop shipping process that helps you to process your orders without any delay. INFO IT SERVICES also offer custom built-in integration that can be easily integrated with your existing ecommerce stores.

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Ebay, Amazon Shop Integration

With easy Ebay, and Amazon shop integration, you can start selling to customers right away. Enjoy seamless integration, maintain inventory levels, track performance, and much more. It is really easy with INFO IT SERVICES Ebay, Amazon Shop Integration

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We build highly specialized APIs with high performance. Our APIs are well suited for varying businesses and ensure their seamless integration with robust business apps. With API integration your website will perform high and works efficiently.

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  • Gather/ Collect Information
  • Analyze Requirements
  • Prepare Process Documentation
  • Set-up a Dedicated Team


  • Implement Details
  • Generate Prototype
  • Test Prototype
  • Develop Working Modules


  • Validate and Verify System
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Integrate Product into Existing and other Platforms
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In ten years of outsourcing web solutions for small and medium size businesses, I have not been able to discover a partner more capable than Appworks. Having proven themselves in earlier projects, they bolstered the Kentico development efforts of another firm during our initial website launch. Since then, we have transitioned the full, ongoing development work exclusively to them. LXITServices Kentico development work is supported by the knowledge, experience, and passion for effective business systems of their owner and project leaders. For these reasons, I gladly offer my strongest recommendation.


LXITServices is an excellent provider with truly amazing work. Would recommend without any hesitation. We definitely plan to use them again for future projects. Moreover, our project manager is a very skilled developer with patience, great communication skills and a very client-oriented attitude.


Scala is a general-purpose programming language that incorporates both functional programming and OOPs concepts. Designed to be concise, most of Scala’s design decisions were aimed at addressing the shortcomings of Java. This programming language can handle massive chunks of data with its efficient libraries. Scala is a lot easier to use and is much more productive than Java, as it focuses largely on interactive development. Its demand is expected to grow in the coming years and is expected to be among the top language in a few years.


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