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Who We Are

Lxitservices has been delivering exceptional web and app solutions for international clients since 2010. The company has its base in Albourne (Near Brighton and Hove), United Kingdom & international offices in USA and Australia having development centres in Delhi, India. We work very closely with all our clients, always looking to forge long term relationships, and offer offshore outsourcing services which reduce costs, enhance organisational flexibility and improve business and IT performance. By taking your IT project offshore you can take advantage of a fantastic price that will not be matched by onshore competitors and allows you to cut down on the costs whilst maintaining a quality that even onshore companies struggle to match. We take the pain out of your IT projects and let you concentrate on the business you know best: Your own.

The idea behind Lxitservices was conceived in 2010, and the company was set up in Feb 2010. Lxitservices is a company dedicated to supplying IT services to businesses.

Web development is not only highly technical, but also managerial. Our team members at our two Development Centres in Delhi are fully accredited and have a minimum of five years commercial experience working with truly international clients. We ensure our web development teams hold all the necessary accreditation such as Microsoft’s & and that our project managers are Project Management Institute (PMI) certified. To develop software requires time, skilled manpower, and expensive programs and equipment. We have the state-of-the-art infrastructure to make sure that any external factors don’t influence the work of our team members & our clients get the fruits of the whole business model.

Offshore software development is a cost effective alternative to developing software in-house which allows business to cut cost on the software development.

Our People, Technology and Processes

Our exceptional staff of over 650 valued employees who are highly motivated to work at a successful company like Lxitservices. They are trained in technology and skilled in the English language to ensure we not only provide first class solutions but can communicate effectively with clients globally. Tried and tested processes ensure a smooth process from project initiation through to delivery and support.

Hire Offshore PHP Developer with UK or US Based Project Manager

Our PHP developers have extensive experience of 5+ years of handling complex projects. Our PHP developers have worked for more than 1000 clients all around the world creating more than 2000 website applications for them.

Hire Offshore Asp.net Developer with UK or US Based Project Manager

Under this engagement model you can extend your in-house staff to our offshore development centre by hiring the services of dedicated Asp.Net developers. You can start with a single developer and scale-up to a full-fledged project team.

Hire Offshore App Developer (iPhone, Android, Windows) with UK or US Based Project Manager

Under this engagement model you can extend your in-house staff to our offshore development centre by hiring the services of dedicated App developers. You can start with a single developer and scale-up to a full-fledged project team.












Innovative thinking and Latest technologies to counter challenges



We engineer high-performance web apps using enterprise as well as open source tools and technologies using an iterative, agile development methodology.



Stop dreaming and start implementing ideas with us to create stunning applications and mobile experiences



We provide customized product solutions to scale and upgrade your existing system that too in-line with your specific requirements.


Big Data

We guarantee to give you the precise database solutions tailored for your organization objectives.

  • The Ideology

  • The real value of business lies in our ability to connect deeply with people, built on three ingrained principles of the company:

    • Our Client First approach allows us to believe and empower them in finding great concepts behind everyday ideas, making us one of the most forward-thinking innovators around the world.
    • We believe that our role extends beyond the realm of just doing business, which is why all our interactions with our clients and partners are based on transparency and trust.
    • Our focus lies in not only delivering more value to our clients, but also in ensuring that their interests and requirements are fulfilled to the best of our technical capabilities.
  • The Approach

  • Apart from devising strategies for application development, we also offer insights on the future plan of action for enterprises. We enable businesses to adapt, thrive and grow in an ever-changing world of technology by co-creating breakthrough solutions through sustainability, mobility, big data analytics and the web.

  • We follow a global process delivery model to ensure that all our projects effectively meet their timelines. We are committed to delivering a high-performance and highly valuable digital solution to our clients to encounter technology challenges faced by them. Besides, they are meant to reduce costs, enhance productivity and operational agility.

  • Delivery Model

  • An integral part of every software project development - we run thorough analyses to identify, assess and prioritize risks in every project that we undertake and our mitigation plans are created by taking into account for continued operations.

  • Risk Analysis