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3D Design

A 3D design professional draws 3-dimensional, or flat, images used in mechanical drawings, electrical engineering projects, video games, animation, clothing construction and architecture. Professionals working in 3D design use a combination of drawing skills and computer-aided drafting technology to create images for plans, brochures, websites and other products. They may meet with clients to determine design specifications, draw images, lay out designs, interact with artists and photographers, work with writers to incorporate text and oversee printing processes used to complete a project. Some 3D design professionals work as independent contractors; other possible employers include engineering firms, municipal planning agencies, power plants, graphic design companies, animation studios and video game developers.

While the majority of 3D design professionals work full time, they may occasionally put in long hours to meet deadlines. They typically work in offices or studios with the necessary drafting and software equipment. These professionals may collaborate with a team. On the other hand, self-employed 3D design professionals often work from home, complete projects independently and arrange their schedules around clients’ needs. They may spend time marketing their services or bidding on contracts.

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