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2017 will see a rise in new apps that work in real time. Real-time analytics is rapidly finding its implementation in desktop and mobile apps. Similarly, live streaming will also become increasingly important in the social media marketing world with apps like Periscope and Meerkat gaining prominence. Real-time is just about to break out.
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With all those developments, real-time services like will also see a huge gain in popularty among developers.

It is really irritating if you submit a login form today and you have to wait for more seconds as the page is getting refreshed and then it shows message “Invalid Password”. Lot of this stuff can be done when you are on the same without navigating or reloading the page. This is time saving and user gets great experience. JavaScript is the future. ES6 component based and class like JavaScript are offering a new angle to the way we view front end development. Offline feature is the next thing. We are already watching growth in push notifications that are sent by web applications. It is made achievable due to the service workers running inside browsers.

Many attempts have been made by using tools like Cordova or Phonegap to recycle mobile codebase for building apps. However, the developers could not achieve responsive results as Native apps.

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Disney Research has developed a method for designing cable-driven mechanisms that help artists and hobbyists give physical form and motion to animated characters.Assemblies of cables and joints make it possible to achieve desired motions and poses in a character, even when artistic preferences dictate limb sizes that make it infeasible to place motors at each joint. Cable-driven mechanisms also are suitable for devices, such as robotic hands, that must be small and lightweight to function.

“The advent of consumer-level 3D printing and affordable, off-the-shelf electronic components has given artists the machinery to make articulated, physical versions of animated characters,” said research scientist Moritz Bacher. “Our approach eliminates much of the complexity of designing those mechanisms.”

The researchers demonstrated their method by designing a 2D puppet-like version of an animated character that is able to assume several desired fighting stances. They also used it to design a gripper for picking up light objects and a simple robotic hand with an opposable thumb.


Scratch is a free software programming language created in MIT Media Labs and has an online community where children can program and share interactive media such as stories, games, and animation with people from all over the world. As children create with Scratch, they learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically. Since Scratch is used mainly for educational purposes, it has managed to enter the top 20 chart. It’s repository now hosts over 20 million Scratch projects with an actively increasing number of new users each month.

The word is getting high tech.Thanks to the advanced development of technology. The pace of growth in trends of programming techniques has surpassed the set norms. New trend with wider capabilities and better software development are continuously inundating this landscape. Better efficiency, ease to use, and enhanced customization are the factors that drive a Software development company to embrace these trends.

companies have to remain upgraded with the latest programming tactics and learn new languages. Any technology stack or programming language will not last long unless it is promoted or reinvented with new features at regular intervals. In 2017, it is expected that many such surprising programming languages and frameworks will lead the software industry.

In the software development industry, new technologies are emerging in a fast-paced manner. Staying ahead in the tech market is very important for every programmer, moreover as the  trends in programming are the same as in the other industries, with changing necessities and new in-demand programming languages for the next years.

Security in the world of the internet of things (IoT) must be as agile at the components people use. It must be both fluid and adaptive. Designers must consider IT security early in the development of application solutions, and enterprise architectures. I expect entity behavior analytics will be required across enterprises, and multi-layered security measures Will rule the day.

E-commerce has tremendously changed how people shop and Every year brings design improvements that make the shopping experience more seamless. Traditional platforms will be replaced by OPEN CART in 2017 as many companies will use it as part of their branding startgies. Opencart combines robust functionality and easy usage of e-commerce into one affordable package. The ease with which it can be set up has made it popular among web developers. You can download it for free and integrate it with support as well as free software upgrades. Also, the platform is lightweight, easy to download as well as host. More importantly, you have several payment gateways including SagePay, WorldPay, PayPal, and Web Payment.

This year saw the release of Angular 2, which came with plenty of changes. Such include Google’s JavaScript framework that was redesigned completely. The new Angular takes advantage of the features if JavaScript ES6 and the applications are written in TypeScript that allows for a more component is driven architecture. The company also cites in this post that Angular now has a more flexible release schedule and that one major update, as well as three minor updates, should be expected every six months. It is safe, therefore, to say that 2017 will see many changes in this framework.

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