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Java is fast, secure, and reliable. From laptops to Data Centers, Gaming Devices to the most dumb TV, cell phones to the Internet, Java is virtually everywhere !

Java is a simple, object-oriented, distributed, interpreted, robust, secure, architecture neutral, portable, multi-threaded, and dynamic language.” From its’ first small appearance Java has gained more and more popularity over the developer’s world. Many open source solutions rely upon Java. The community behind it determines standards and development patterns that are the basics of many Java frameworks.

What we Provide

LXIT Services provides application development services in Java, J2EE and J2ME technology. We provide design, develop, integrate and deployment services in Java and J2EE. Experienced and mature development services are available that can efficiently utilize the technology with Java Application Server and the J2EE Framework, including JMS (java’s messaging services), EJBS (Enterprise JavaBeans) & Databases( JDBC).

The cumulated Java expertise entitles us to claim of more than 15 yrs. of experience in Java software Development. Consolidated experience well goes beyond 60 Yrs.

We have designed and developed applications in all domains as mentioned below.

We have successfully developed many web based applications and scheduling software using Quartz. We have experience on Custom servers e.g. LifeRay which comes with lots of pre built functionality which is useful to build web apps quickly. For web based applications the team is well versed in Struts 2.0 which is industry standard because it enforces MVC framework, and the horizontal and vertical scalability it encompass.

The team inherently research oriented and can work on new third party tool/ services if required. It pays special attention to constant investigation and adoption of the latest upgrades in the domain to deliver solutions with improved presentation, business logic, information management, security and reliability.


Client-Side Development/h4>

Applets AWT JavaBeans JavaFX Javascript Media Swing

Core Java Technology

Collections I18N IO JavaLanguage JNI Linux Mac Networking Security Serialization Threads


J2ME JavaCard JINI

Java Tools

ANT ANTLR AppServer Eclipse Hibernate IntellijIDEA JBuilder JUnit Log4j Lucene NetBeans Spring Struts Tomcat Tools VAJ


Agile Patterns Process UML XProgramming



Mobile Media API

Server-Side Development

Corba EJB JavaMail JDBC JMS JMX JNDI JPA JSF JSP RMI Servlets Transactions

Web Services


Our Developers in Industry Solutions

  • Cloud Based Applications
  • Amazon Web-services (AWS) integration
  • Deployment and Optimization Services(Window and Linux Servers)
  • Code Standardization and Review services
  • Architectural Services
  • Reporting Framework Services
  • Web-Services development (SOAP, REST)
  • Back office development for Mobile/Smart Phone Apps
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • RIA Applications
  • Portal Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Desktop applications development
  • Create Web 3.0 and Desktop look modern web application using industry standards framework

We Support working in Java technology from following fields.

  • E-Governance
  • Health & Medicine
  • Telecom & Communication
  • Security
  • Infrastructural Solutions
  • Banking and Finance

Our Project Managers are capable of followings:

  • Design/Specification
  • Problem evaluation & planning
  • Relocation Services
  • Space planning
  • Computer HW & SW planning
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Fire protection engineering
  • Security design
  • Network, Voice and data integration

We suggest our clients

in managing the whole project life-cycle managing its parts – for example test management, or roadmap preparation and costing – or in detailed delivery of any of the project phases. Typical large scale projects in which we are involved, are composed of the following phases:

  • Project initiation and planning
  • Analysis of as-is situation and gathering of requirements
  • Design of proposed processes, systems
  • Development of IT, adaptation to the organization
  • Deployment and go-live
  • Training and Hand holding
  • Implementation and Backup and Recovery Processes
  • Support and Maintenance


Methodology Chart

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